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What goes into my Mortgage Payment?

I probably get asked this question at least once a week. When someone is looking up mortgage payments online, many times it can be confusing since some of these calculators aren’t considering all the different areas of a mortgage payment.   In lending, we refer to the break down of ...

How to improve my credit score?

A higher credit score means lower mortgage interest rates, better credit card offers, and better insurance rates. Increasing your credit score fast is possible. Not all credit problems are the same because the reasons for a low score vary depending on your personal credit history factors, your current financial situation, ...

How do I Start Investing in Real Estate?

America is the known all over the world as the land of opportunity. People come from all around the globe to America in search of “living the American dream.” Many foreign and domestic families have risen through the ranks, overcoming poverty and failure, and have achieved this dream through real ...